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cmsplugin-mathjax 0.1.1

MATHJAX Plugin for django CMS

Django CMS MathJax Plugin

Django CMS MathJax Plugin provides a plugin that allows you to use MathJax markups within a page.

This plugin was rewritten from a prior work of Dmitry E. Kislov in late 2015 (cf. forked repo).

Despite it works fine, it isn’t a very elegant solution since it doesn’t add content but add javascript ressource to the page instead.

Note we don’t need a plugin for MathJax contents since MathJax acts as a parser and don’t relies on classes.


This plugin requires django CMS 3 or higher to be properly installed.

  • Within your virtualenv run pip install cmsplugin-mathjax
  • Check you have 'django_sekizai' in your INSTALLED_APPS setting
  • Add 'cmsplugin_mathjax' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting
  • Run migrate cmsplugin_mathjax


You just have to add this plugin in your page structure somewhere (best at the beginning).

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
cmsplugin-mathjax-0.1.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-10-21 5KB