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cmsplugin-simple-markdown 1.2

A plugin for django-cms that provides just a markdown plugin and nothing more.

Latest Version: 1.6

Simple Markdown plugin is just a simple markdown plugin for django-cms. It’s brutally simple. Just a text area and you’ll entered some markdown text and save it. And the reason why i make this is that, I really couldn’t find any simple as stupid plugin for just markdown, just simple markdown. For django-cms, all i’ve found was fancy with alot of fucking java script assets.


cmsplugin_simple_markdown is available at Install it by pip:

$ python pip install cmsplugin-simple-markdown

Or you can grab the latest version tarball and:

$ python install

Then just added to INSTALLED_APPS.

Drama story

Since every application won’t begins with love, this plugin developed to solve a problem. 2 days back, i was using cms.plugin.text for handling html pages and stuff, but when i try to use aws s3/cloudfront for my static files, i’ve stuck with CORS problem. So i’ve develop cmsplugin-simple-markdown to be used without any deps on js/css files.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
cmsplugin-simple-markdown-1.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-09-12 3KB