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cmsplugin_news3 0.0.2

News plugin and application for Django-CMS 3.x

Description: A news application and plugin for Django-CMS 3

Based on

This if first version of my first plugin

Supported Django versions: * Django 1.6

Supported Django-CMS versions: * Django-CMS 3.x


  • django-cms
  • django-filer
  • easy-thumbnauls


  • pip install cmsplugin_news3
  • add filer, easy_thumbnails, cmsplugin_news3 to INSTALLED_APPS
  • run ./ syncdb and ./ migrate
  • restart server


  • Create a page in cms, in the ‘advanced settings’ section of the admin for that page, for ‘Navigation extenders’ select ‘News Navigation’ and for application select ‘Last News’.
  • Befor using the plugin, make sure that the cms page was created! The ‘Last News’ plugin you can insert into placeholder on any page.
  • Create a propper tepmplates for your site.


  • Boolean CMSPLUGIN_NEWS3_DISABLE_LATEST_NEWS Disable Latest News Plugin, default - enabled
  • Integer CMSPLUGIN_NEWS3_PAGINATION_BY Pagination at News application, default - 12
  • Boolean CMSPLUGIN_NEWS3_ENABLE_DROPDOWN_MENU Enable drop down meny for News applicatio, default - disabled
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