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code2html 0.3.1

Convert source code repository to HTML files, with beautiful syntax highlight.

Latest Version: 0.3.2

Convert source code repository to HTML files.

Do you like reading source code on your mobile devices?

HTML is a light-weight format (unlike PDF or EPUB) that can be easily read on
every browser-included mobile device.

``code2html`` is a tool converts source code repository to HTML format files so
that you can put them into your mobile devices and read it whenever and
wherever with a beautiful syntax highlight (thanks ``Vim``).

Get rid of those social networking applications, start to **enjoy code reading**.

By taking advantages of the magic ``TOhtml`` function from ``Vim``,
``code2html`` requires you have ``Vim`` installed, also if you specify
a non-default color scheme to use, it must be available on your system as well.


code2html [-h] [--color COLOR] [--include INCLUDES] [--pre] input output

positional arguments:
input Path to the source code repository
output Path for saving output files

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--color COLOR Specify the color scheme use for syntaxhighlighting
--include INCLUDES Specify file matching patterns, then only the matched
files will be convert. Wild card characters are
supported. e.g. --include="*.c" --include="?.py"
--pre Instead of actually performing the conversion, simply
display what *would* have been converted if --pre
weren't used

Example 1
Use ``--pre`` to check what would be converted::

$ code2html --pre --include="*.cpp" /path/to/input /path/to/output

Example 2
Convert all Python sources, ``ext.c`` and a README file from ``/path/to/input``
to ``/path/to/output``, using ``jellybeans`` as the syntax highlight scheme::

$ code2html --color=jellybeans --include="*.py" --include="ext.c"
--include="README.rst" /path/to/input /path/to/output  
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