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## A [Code for Life]( repository
* Ocado Technology's [Code for Life initiative]( has been developed to inspire the next generation of computer scientists and to help teachers deliver the computing curriculum.
* This repository hosts the source code of the **main website**: the portal for the Code For Life initiative, the registration/log in, the teachers' dashboards, the teaching materials, etc
* The other repos for Code For Life:
* the first game, [Rapid Router](
* the new game for teenagers, [currently at a very early stage](
* the [deployment code for Google App Engine](

## Running Locally
* Clone the repo
* Make and activate a virtualenv (We recommend [virtualenvwrapper](
* e.g. the first time, `mkvirtualenv -a path/to/codeforlife-portal codeforlife-portal`
* and thereafter `workon codeforlife-portal`
* create settings file under `example_project/example_project/` with `EMAIL_BACKEND = 'django.core.mail.backends.console.EmailBackend'`
* `./run` - This will:
* install all of the dependencies using pip
* sync the database
* collect the static files
* run the server

## How to contribute!
__Want to help?__ You can contact us using this [contact form][c4l-contact-form] and we'll get in touch as soon as possible! Thanks a lot.

## Common Problems
### Unapplied migrations on first run
It may be that some migrations were changed and you have .pyc files from the old ones. Try removing all .pyc migrations by running `rm migrations/*.pyc` from the ocargo repository.

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