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codevalidator 0.8

Simple source code validator with file reformatting option (remove trailing WS, pretty print XML, ..)

Latest Version: 0.8.2

Simple source code validator with file reformatting option (remove trailing WS, pretty print XML, ..).

For Python code formatting it can either use autopep8 or the builtin copy of PythonTidy.


  • Python 2.7+
  • lxml (for XML formatting)
  • pep8 (for Python checking)
  • autopep8 (for Python formatting)
  • pyflakes (for static Python code checking)
  • Jalopy (for Java code formatting)
  • coffeelint (for CoffeeScript validation)
  • PHP_CodeSniffer (for PHP style checking)
  • Puppet (for Puppet manifest validation)
  • sqlparse
  • jshint (for JavaScript checking)

On Ubuntu you can install most packages easily:

sudo apt-get install python-lxml pep8 pyflakes nodejs npm
sudo npm install -g jshint

Getting Started

Validating test files with builtin default configuration:

./ test/*

Fixing test files (removing trailing whitespace, XML format):

./ -f test/*

Using custom configuration file:

./ -c test/config.json test/*

Validate and fix a whole directory tree:

./ -c myconfig.json -rf /path/to/mydirectory

Validate a single PHP file and print detailed error messages (needs PHP_CodeSniffer with PSR standards installed!):

./ -v test/test.php

Running in very verbose (debug) mode to see what is validated:

./ -vvrc test/config.json test

Using the filter mode to “fix” stdin and write to stdout:

echo 'print 1' | ./ --fix --filter && echo success

If you are annoyed by the .XX.pre-cvfix backup files you can disable them either on the command line (--no-backup) or in the config file.

Advanced Usages

You can use the --fix --filter combination to directly filter your current buffer in VIM:

:%! --fix --filter %

The --fix --filter was also designed to be used with GIT filters.

To apply a formatting rule once without changing you configuration file, you can use the -a option. Formatting a Python file once with the pythontidy rule looks like:

./ -a pythontidy

Known Issues

  • PythonTidy cannot parse dict comprehensions. As a workaround you can use list comprehensions and wrap it with dict.
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