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coinshot 3.1.1

simple python module for

A simple Python module for


See for full example:

from coinshot import Coinshot, CoinshotException

coinshot_object = Coinshot(application_key[, user_key])

coinshot_object.push(message[, title, user_key, device, url, url_title, priority, timestamp])


If all you’re looking for is an app to send pushover notifications through (not a library for doing it programmatically, look at bin/shoot.


Usage: shoot [options] message

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -a APP_KEY, --application-key=APP_KEY
                        Application key provided by
  -u USER_KEY, --user-key=USER_KEY
                        User key provided by
  -t TITLE, --title=TITLE
                        Notification Title


  • user_key is required either during object initialization or when calling push. If a user_key is provided for both, the one passed to push takes precedent.
  • url_title can be passed without url, but will be ignored

To Do


What’s the deal with the name?

The name coinshot is derived from a class of characters from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn book series. Coinshot Allomancers “burn” steel to Push nearby metals.

Here’s the Wikipedia page

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