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collective.amberjack.portlet 1.1

Collective amberjack tours portlet


This package provides portlet for collective.amberjack package.

Set up environment

This package allows you to create portlets that contain tours. You can select the tours that can be display and choosen by an user on these portlet. So this package allows you to create sets of tours on Plone site.

Be aware that series 0.9.x is compatible with Plone3, series 1.x is compatible with Plone4.

1.1 (2010-11-05)

  • moved the check procedure to identify the next tour from the portlet into viewlet [mirco]
  • updated the cookie that save the next tour; now we save the list of all tour after the current one. [mirco]
  • set sunburst theme as default [nekorin]
  • changed a js file name to do not make a conflict. [mirco]

1.1a (2010-09-21)

  • added skins for js and images [mirco]
  • added function to save in a cookie the next tour [mirco]
  • added a control for use with sandbox [mirco]
  • modified the check for launch the tours; from tours and not from the first step [mirco]
  • add simple validation method [amleczko]
  • update imports [amleczko]
  • add filename sorting when tours not selected manualy [amleczko]

0.9.1 (unreleased)

  • anonymous can’t view tour portlet #572137 [fdelia]
  • disabled the completed step feature for portlet [keul]

0.9 (2010-04-30)

  • update metadata and pin to proper plone3 versions [amleczko]
  • Initial release [amleczko]
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collective.amberjack.portlet-1.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2010-11-05 25KB