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collective.azipfele 1.0

Creates Zip files from Plone or other content asynchronous

Latest Version: 2.0.1

Asynchronous ZIP File Creation from Plone Content or Webservices

This is a basic module aiming to create ZIP files asynchronous. Even if it has some basic built in data-extractors, it is not meant as a out-of-the-box package, but for integrators and addon-product authors.

Creating ZIP files in a request-response cycle may take a lot of time. With this package a zip job info is queued into a AMQP-Server (such as RabbitMQ).

The ZIP file is created in a worker instance. After the file was created an event is fired. With it i.e. an e-mail notification can be send out.

The state of the creation (pending, processing, finished) and the timestamps (queued, started, finished) are shared between worker and instance.

The worker instance gets a jobinfo (dict) with global key settings (dict) and a list of fileinfos (list of dicts). Each fileinfo has at least a valid UUID of an content item. For each fileinfo in the list one file will be created. It adapts the content with the given UUID with collective.azipfele.interfaces import IZipContentExtractor using ZCA. If fileinfo contains an extractor (string) it uses a named adapter.

The IZipContentExtractor takes on call the fileinfo and gloabl settings. it is expected to return a tuple of filename and the data to be stored in the zip with the filename. The returned filename can be a relative path as well.


Just depend in your buildout on the egg collective.asynczip. ZCML is loaded automagically with z3c.autoinclude.

Install Async Zip File Support as an addon in Plone control-panel or portal_setup or depend on profile-collective.asynczip:default in your profiles metadata.xml.

This package is written for Plone 4.3 or later.

Source Code and Contributions

If you want to help with the development (improvement, update, bug-fixing, …) of collective.azipefle this is a great idea!

The code is located in the github collective.

You can clone it or get access to the github-collective and work directly on the project.

Maintainer is Jens Klein and the BlueDynamics Alliance developer team. We appreciate any contribution and if a release is needed to be done on pypi, please just contact one of us dev@bluedynamics dot com


License GPL 2

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
collective.azipfele-1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-07-17 16KB