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collective.ckeditor 3.6.5

CKEditor for Plone

Latest Version: 4.7.2


This addon is a ckeditor_ integration for Plone.

How to install

You can install it as any Plone addon. Please follow official documentation_.

Please use CKeditor_ for Plone > 4.

The code source can be found at

Please report issues at


* Plone >= 4
* collective.plonefinder_


After checking out sources, run the included buildout.

This installs ``copy_ckeditor_code`` script. This script takes care of copying
ckeditor code in the appropriate ``browser/ckeditor`` directory.

The ``browser/ckeditor`` directory makes ckeditor javascript code available to
the browser at::


You need to run ``bin/copy_ckeditor_code`` prior to run any Zope/Plone instance
with your development ``collective.ckeditor``.
Anyway, if you forget, your instance will break with a ``ConfigurationError``::

Directory .../browser/ckeditor does not exist.

How to Release

Obviously, the ckeditor code also needs to be included in the released eggs.

``collective.ckeditor`` registers an entry point for ``zest.releaser`` that (if
called properly) takes care of copying the code when preparing the release.

However, in order to take advantage of the entry point, you have to use the
``bin/fullrelease`` locally installed by the development buildout instead of
a globally installed ``fullrelease``.

Only the local ``bin/fullrelease`` script can see the entry_point registered by



* `Makina Corpus <http:"">`_ `Contact us <>`_
* `Ecreall <http:"">`_
* `BubbleNet <http:"">`_
* `Hexagonit <http:"">`_


- Kai Lautaportti <>
- Giacomo Spettoli <>
- Godefroid Chapelle <>
- Mathieu Le Marec - Pasquet <>
- Jean-Mat Grimaldi <>
- Michael Smith <>
- Victor Fernandez de Alba <>
- Kim Paulissen <>
- JeanMichel FRANCOIS aka toutpt <>

.. _documentation:
.. _FCKEditor:
.. |makinacom| image::
.. _makinacom:
.. _ckeditor:
.. _collective.plonefinder:


3.6.4 (2012-07-03)

- Fix missing include for rst files in the manifest

3.6.3 (2012-07-03)

- Don't show ckeditor if html is not in the allowable content types of the field.
This fixes integration with Products.Poi where the details field of a
PoiIssue allows only text/x-web-intelligent by default.

- Fixed the finder to honor the "Allow folder creation" option.

- Added i18n support

- Added Italian translation

- Fix language configuration according to plone_portal_state.language()

- Add French translation

- Add z3c.autoinclude targeted to Plone

3.6.2 (2011-12-12)

- Describe in README how to release to ensure ``ckeditor`` code is included in
the egg.

3.6.2b2 (2011-12-12)

- Nothing changed yet.

3.6.2b1 (2011-12-12)

- use ckeditor 3.6.2

- Add ``ajaxsave`` plugin to allow asynchronous save.

- Use zest.releaser entry point to bundle ckeditor code.

3.6.1 (2011-07-14)

- Nothing changed yet.

3.6.1rc (2011-07-14)

- use ckeditor 3.6.1

- some pep8 and pyflakes

- added control panel setting for templates_replaceContent

- add control panel setting for registration of custom templates

- Plone4.1 support - fix IVocabularyFactory import


- use ckeditor 3.4.1

- fix an error in set_media_type

- fix an error in mediaupload session


- use ckeditor 3.4


- use ckeditor 3.3.1

- icon for control panel is now in controlpanel.xml

- Make control panel (and tests) running without errors with last Plone4 version ...
The listTypesForInterface method was broken.

- Use the new mediaupload attribute in collective.plonefinder
(Force the selection of content-type in jquery.uploadify)

- Added support for z3c.autoinclude so no zcml slugs will be needed for this package.


- image sizes selection added (use this new option provided by collective.plonefinder)

- some fixes for last collective.plonefinder usage.


- use ckeditor 3.2.1

- plone 4 compliance :

- remove iw.resourcetraverser dependency

- remove wysiwyg_support in skin (no more useful)

- control panel improvements

- functional doctests added or improved

- FAQ added

- buildout examples added to help developers using svn product

- javascript contextuel config is now packed

- added local field widget settings overload

- changed portal_transforms resolveuid

- all basehref problems fixed

- menu styles through control panel finished

- toolbar through control panel finished


- use ckeditor 3.0.2


- Initial release

CKEditor for Plone : FAQ

* How to completely remove any trace of ckeditor in Plone ?

Use the Plone control panel > Addons > remove the product
In ZMI > portal_properties remove 'ckeditor_properties', all your registered
parameters for ckeditor will be destroyed.

* How to install a new version of CKeditor for Plone ?

Always read this FAQ
From one version to another, it could be needed to run a migration
Generic Setup upgrade step for ckeditor_properties sheet.

* How to use a svn version of collective.ckeditor ?

Just take a look at buildout/buildout.cfg and buildout/sources.cfg in this package.
Checkout the standard plone4 buildout.
Make a diff with standard plone4 buidout to see the parts you need to change.
You need to add the svn adresses in sources.cfg for mr.developper, 'ckeditor'
in egg and zcml sections, and the 'ckeditor' part ....

* How to completly overload the ckeditor configuration with your own
javascript config ?

Just create a javascript file called 'ckeditor_plone_config.js' in your ZMI
> portal_skins > Custom or in a skin product.  
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