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collective.facets 1.2

Let's users add new facets to all content


Provide a control panel for site administrators to add additional facets to classify their content. Facets are keyword, text or fixed vocabulary fields added to the categorisation tab of all content types across your site. If you are looking for fields just on certain content types then look instead at Dexterity or archetypes.schemaextender.

All fields are available to be used in criteria for collections and viewable in the tabular view of a collection. They are easy to use with plugins such as eea.facetednavigation, collective.portlet.filtersearch or collective.portlet.collectionbysubject.

These field values aren’t viewable on the item itself and aren’t included in the html head metadata fields. They are designed to aid in internal organisation of content only. If you’d like the fields to appear in the view of the item you can use collective.listingviews or use another method to create a new view template.


A site administrator can:

  • Add a new facet
  • Remove a facet
  • Edit the description and title which will appear on /edit and also on collections
  • Specify the facet as either a TextField, Keyword/Folksomony or selected from an enforced vocabulary.


Works with Plone 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3. Works with both new style collections and old style. Currently only works with Archetypes not Dexterity

Future Functionality

  • Rename a facet without losing values (#TODO)
  • Make a facet required (#TODO)
  • Rename values (#TODO)
  • Hide the default “Keywords” field (#TODO)
  • Support for dexterity


1.2 (2013-03-12)

  • make string field work with collections


  • backwards compatibility with 1.0 release


  • fixed tests


1.1 (14 Jan 2014)

  • Fix: ‘could not adapt’ error


  • Feature: facets for keyword field


  • Feature: facets for string field


1.0 (07 Jan 2013)

  • Initial release
  • Feature: facets for vocabulary field
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