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collective.geo.bundle 0.1

Plone Maps (collective.geo)

Latest Version: 2.3


collective.geo allows to geo-reference Plone content types and to display this information over a map.

collective.geo bundle is composed by the following packages:

provides geo annotation for Plone.
enables openlayers machinery into Plone.
provides some utility to store settings of collective.geo packages.
provides some handy page macros and adapters to easily manage multiple maps on one page.
provides a GUI for collective.geo.geographer. It provides some simple forms to add geographical coordinates to Plone content types.
provides KML views for georeferenced objects, allowing Plone content types to be visualized in Google Earth.

To display the maps, collective.geo takes advantage of Openlayers, a JavaScript library for displaying map data in web browsers, with no server-side dependencies.

As a default map source we can select OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps or Bing Maps.


  • libgeos_c (2.2.3 or 3.0.0+)
  • Shapely
  • BeautifulSoup (geopy)
  • geopy
  • Plone >= 4.0
  • zope.schema = 3.6.0 (z3c.form requirement)
  • collective.geo.colorpicker


Add collective.geo.bundle to your buildout’s list of eggs such as:

eggs =

and run the buildout. Start Zope, go to Site Setup -> Add-on Products in your Plone site and install the Plone Maps (collective.geo) product.

You can find a buildout example here


  • Giorgio Borelli - gborelli
  • Silvio Tomatis - silviot
  • Gerhard Weis - gweis
  • David Breitkreutz - rockdj
  • Maurizio Delmonte - miziodel (Spingitore di Cavalieri)


0.1 (2011-03-06)

  • First release
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
collective.geo.bundle-0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2011-03-06 11KB
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  • 121 downloads in the last week
  • 598 downloads in the last month