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collective.microdata.event 0.2

Add microdata ( support to Plone events


Install this package and get an alternative version of event view in your Plone site. Changes are minimal, just to add basic HTML 5 microdata information, taken from specification.

Microdata available in Web pages can be used from search engines, enhancing the quality of information indexed.

This package is a proper implementation of the collective.microdata.core product. Read it’s documentation for more information.


Follow a list supported properties:

Taken from event title
Taken from the event description
Taken from the event URL field
Taken from Attendees field (raw data, not as Person elements)
Taken from event location
Taken from the start date
Taken from the end date
Taken from the difference from end and start date

Support for folder content listing views

This package supports also collective.microdata.contentlisting but not depends on it (you have to manually install that add-on yourself).

Then you will be able to provide microdata information about events also when listing folders content.

See it’s documentation for knowing what views are supported.

Final notes

Providing microdata doesn’t ensure that search engines will use it.


0.2 (2012-09-08)

  • Now requires collective.microdata.core [keul]
  • Moved logic to a IMicrodataVocabulary adapter [keul]
  • Added a dependency to isodate library, to be able to generate ISO 8601 duration format [keul]
  • Added support for collective.microdata.contentlisting
  • Plone catalog will now index the “Event URL” data inside the getRemoteUrl metadata column [keul]
  • Adaptation must be based on IMicrodataVocabulary, for support also vocabularies [keul]

0.1 (2012-07-22)

  • Initial release
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