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collective.multilingualtools 0.1.2

A set of tools that simplify handling multilingual content in Plone using


Disclaimer: This package is WORK IN PROGRESS.

Collective.multilingualtools is based on the concepts of collective/slc.linguatools, but this new package works with and both with both dexterity and archetypes.


It aims to offer a handfull of utilities for performing the same action on all translations of an item at the same time, such as

  • change workflow status
  • rename (change id)
  • reindex
  • delete
  • cut and paste (move)
  • set title / description from msgid
  • propagate or block portlets
  • set or remove properties (such as layout)
  • set or remove marker interface

Also, there’s an option to make a copy of any item to all available languages (or a subset), optionally copying individual attributes (title, description, tags, etc).


The interface can use more love for sure. Basically some information about the current object and its translations is dislpayed; below it a list of various possible actions.

After every action, feedback is displayed about the status, in this example after making a copy of a News item into 3 languages:


  • Plone >= 4.2

To do

  • Proper testing
  • travis integration
  • Refactor from formlib to z3c.form
  • Interface makeover
  • Integrate more useful functions from other LinguaPlone-based add-ons, such as valentine.linguaflow


0.1.2 (2014-03-25)

  • Use generic IFolderish interface, not an Archetypes-specific one

0.1.1 (2013-11-20)

  • JS Bugfix: don’t rely on “jq” being defined [pysailor]

0.1 (2013-04-21)

  • Initial port from slc.linguatools [pysailor]



  • Wolfgang Thomas ( GmbH)
  • Alexander Pilz ( GmbH)
  • Jan-Carel Brand ( GmbH)
  • Cillian de Roiste ( GmbH)
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