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collective.pfg.sslfield 0.5

New field for PloneFormGen to extract SSL data from the request

This product adds a new field to use with PloneFormGen, a user-configurable form creation product for Plone.

Install this egg to your zope instance, install it with quickinstaller and you will have another field to add to your PloneFormGen forms: ssl string field.

This field is able to extract the value to populate itself from the request, looking at the SSL variable configured when creating the field. In this way, you can use a digital certificate in your browser, and this field will use the values in the certificate to fill the form.


To be able to extract the values of SSL variables, you will have to configure the SSL certificate in your webserver and configure it to ask for client verification.

If you are using Apache as webserver, you can use mod_mustap to configure Apache to pass SSL variables to Zope instead of using mod_headers to get the value of SSL variables. Zope doesn’t (or at least, I couldn’t) get the SSL variables from Apache, so this step is needed.

You can read the file APACHE.txt for samples of Apache configuration.

SSL Variables

The SSL variables you can get info from using this field, are the ones defined in Apache’s mod_ssl documentation.


Steve McMahon for PloneFormGen


GPL. See docs/LICENSE.txt


0.5 - 2009/06/12

  • Release fixes [erral]

0.4 - 2009/06/12

  • Faulty release :( [erral]

0.3 - 2009/06/12

  • Plone 3 installation support [erral]

0.2 -

  • Release fixes [erral]

0.1 -

  • Initial release
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collective.pfg.sslfield-0.5.tar.gz (md5) Source 2009-06-12 22KB