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collective.portlet.collectionbysubject 0.3

Portlet that groups collection items by subject

Collection by Subject Portlet
Concept - David Bain (
Implemented by Rok Garbas (big ups to Rok).


This portlet makes it possible to present collections grouped by different criteria including:

* by Author
* by Keyword
* by Type
* by Location (may require some tweaking)

Click "manage portlets" and add a new "Collection by subject".

Settings include:

Portlet header - the title of the portlet
Target collection - the collection that the portlet will use
Group by - the subject that you would like to group the items by
Cache duration - the lenghth of time the results should be cached

The output looks similar to this::

      by Keyword

        food (4)
        green (2)
        drink (4)
        well (2)
        sleep (1)


0.3 - 2011-12-09

 * Fix permission used.

0.1 - Initial release

 * FEATURE: [garbas]
 * FEATURE: [garbas]
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