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collective.portlet.filtersearch 0.3

Shows a definable filter portlet that allows to filter search results


This package defines a portlet that shows additional filter of current search results. The filtering works in two modes.

  1. Results grouped by a simple index/value
  2. Additionally group by unique values of selected criteria


To install just add a collective.portlet.filtersearch to your buildout file:

eggs =

Package uses z3c.autoinclude so there is no need to add it into your zcml section.

Restart your zope instance and install it via Add/Remove product in Plone control panel.


In the portlet edit form you can define which filters should appear in the portlet:

Criteria title - The title of criteria displayed in the portlet
Main index - Name of index which is used to group it ( it has to be in metadata too )
Value - The value of the index that the brain has to match to group

And additional values:

Expand list with unique values - Check box to enable the sub filtering
Sub index - Name of index which is used for listing unique groups dynamically

You can add as many criteria as you like

Hint: To enable the portlet at the search template, just add it to your site root and remove the line <metal:block fill-slot=”column_two_slot” /> to enable portlets at all.


  • How to determine when display the portlet and when hide - fix the available property
  • Add some tests would be nice


0.3 (2010-01-15)

  • Fixed weird behaviour of session by storing request.form within it


  • Changed behaviour so the portlet remebers the first search

0.1 (unreleased)

  • Initial release
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