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collective.teaser 2.3

Teaser/Banner content type for Plone


Teaser/Banner content type for Plone

This Plone add-on installs the content type teaser, which is meant to be used for small advertisements on a homepage to advertise own or external content.

Randomly selected teasers will be shown in a Teaser portlet. An importance level controls the frequency, how often teasers are shown - a teaser with higher importance will be shown more frequently. If more teasers are shown in portlets on a page, one teaser isn’t shown twice.

If you need to show specific teasers only in specific portlets (e.g. to distinguish between horizontal and vertical teasers), use the importance levels or subject filter to assign teasers to those portlets.


2.3 (2013-11-23)

  • Add an upgrade helper for old, pre 2.0 collective.teaser portlets by adding a dummy Assignment class to [thet]
  • Don’t restrict to only published teasers. Also show unpublished for users with appropriate permissions. [thet]
  • Just cache portlet rendering on request instead of custom cachekey function. [thet]


  • Fix Unicode. [rnix, 2012-09-26]
  • Fix use in conjunction with collective.lineage. [rnix, 2012-09-25]
  • Fix portlet assignment lookup. [rnix, 2012-09-25]
  • Add display_columns for teaser portlet. [rnix, 2012-08-16]
  • Add portlet header for teaser portlet. [rnix, 2012-08-16]


  • Fix HTML validation error - div not allowed as direct descendent of dl. [thet]


  • Configurable search path of teaser portlet. [rnix]


  • Remove IPortletAvailable adapter, which was a overcomponentized proof-of-concept and too complicated to be used. [thet]
  • Remove alternative image field, which was meant to allow a portlet to select an Landscape/Portrait image from the same teaser. The meaning of the option was unclear. Instead, upload two different Teasers and select different importance levels for it. [rnix, thet]
  • Option to get Teasers via AJAX call. This makes the teaser portlet better cachable. [rnix]


  • Remove text field and use optionally the description field instead. [thet]
  • Add Teaser to image_types in portal_atct to allow image scale recreation. [thet]
  • Add HistroyAwareMixin and configure Teaser to be versionable. [thet]
  • Initial release
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collective.teaser-2.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-11-22 40KB