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collective.traceview 1.2

This package adds support for TraceView performance instrumentation in Plone

The collective.traceview package adds support for Traceview (aka Tracelytics) to Plone.

Traceview times the full request from the browser through frontend servers to application servers. collective.traceview gives you insight into Zope/Plone internals and adds these layers to Traceview:

  • Zope http server
  • Zope publisher
  • ZODB
  • Portal Transforms
  • Outbound calls to e.g. webservices
  • Portal Catalog searches

It also adds tags to the HTML header and footer to instrument Traceview Real User Monitoring (RUM), so you'll get metrics about user network connectivity and how long time your site takes to render inside the browsers of the real users.


You need a Traceview account, Traceview installed on the Plone server. And then the Traceview Python oboe library must be installed with the same Python that runs Plone.

collective.traceview has been tested with Plone 4.

System dependencies: liboboe and liboboe-devel (for CentOS) or liboboe-dev (for Debian/Ubuntu)

How to install

Update your buildout.cfg file:

  • Add tracelytics pypi under find-links

    find-links +=
  • Add package in develop mode

    auto-checkout = collective.traceview
  • Add oboe and collective.traceview to the list of eggs to install

    eggs =
  • Get package from collective sources (or create your own GitHub fork)

    collective.traceview = git
  • Get oboe egg version 1.3.8, the latest one released on pypi (version 1.4.2) is not yet fully tested (RUM not working)

    oboe = 1.3.8

Re-run buildout, e.g. with:

$ ./bin/buildout
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
collective.traceview-1.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-12-29 14KB
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