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comictagger 1.1.11-beta

A cross-platform GUI/CLI app for writing metadata to comic archives

Latest Version: 1.1.15-beta

ComicTagger is a multi-platform app for writing metadata to comic archives, written in Python and PyQt.


  • Runs on Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows, and Linux systems
  • Communicates with an online database (Comic Vine) for acquiring metadata
  • Uses image processing to automatically match a given archive with the correct issue data
  • Batch processing in the GUI for tagging hundreds or more comics at a time
  • Reads and writes multiple tagging schemes ( ComicBookLover and ComicRack, with more planned).
  • Reads and writes RAR and Zip archives (external tools needed for writing RAR)
  • Command line interface (CLI) on all platforms (including Windows), which supports batch operations, and which can be used in native scripts for complex operations.


  • python 2.6 or 2.7
  • configparser
  • python imaging (PIL) >= 1.1.6
  • beautifulsoup > 4.1

Optional requirement (for GUI):

  • pyqt4