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como: batteries complete

Latest Version: 0.6.0

# como: batteries complete

[`como`]( is a minimalistic utillity to monitor your battery.

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## Naming ##

**Why como?**

The answer is simple: Alessandro Volta grew up in the town of [Como](,8.869743&spn=0.000239,0.000343&t=h&z=12&vpsrc=0)
and since he invented the battery I thought it would be a great name.

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## What is this? ##

With como you can check out how your battery is doing. You can easily `automate` this process so that you don't need to worry about it. Every once in a while you can quickly check out your battery `info`. You can `export` this data into the portable `.csv` format and `import` it again later. You can even import data form another battery utility such as [coconutBattery](http://

## []( ##

Most importantly you can take all this to the next level, if you choose to do so. `Upload` your battery data to the como web application to check everything out in a nice interface wherever you are. You can always easily `open` your computer's personal page.

## Installation

It's as simple as that:

`$ pip install como`

Afterwards run the `init` command to get everything setup and stop worrying.

`$ como init`

## Usage

`como` - Saves the current battery state.

`como info` - Prints information about battery and battery history.

`como import <file>` - Imports statistics from .csv file (time, capacity, cycles)

`como export` - Exports data to `como.csv` file to current directory.

`como upload` - Uploads data to server.

`como open` - Opens personal battery information page.

`como automate` - Turns scheduling on or off. Saving and Uploading.

`como init` - Quick command to get everything setup on first start.

`como reset` - Removes all entries in database.

## Advanced

`como` stores all battery information (with zlib compression) in the file `~/.como`.
You are free to do whatever you want with the data in that file,
its yours after all.

So go out there and hack some code!

## Features ##

- Cross-Platform (Linux & Mac)
- Automatically run with `cron`/`launchd` scheduling
- Export data to `.csv` file
- Import data from `.csv` file
- Simple Statistics
- Histories for Cycles and Capacity
- Upload Data to server

## Contribute

[Fork and contribute!](


For questions and suggestions, feel free to shoot me an email <>

Follow [@cwoebker](


Copyright (c) 2013, Cecil Woebker.
License: BSD (see LICENSE for details)  
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