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condor_git_config 0.0.2

dynamically configure an HTCondor node from a git repository

Latest Version: 0.1.0

Hook to dynamically configure an HTCondor node from a git repository.

Hook Overview

The hook is integrated into a Condor config file to perform the following workflow:

  • Fetch a git repository to a local cache
  • Use patterns to select configuration files
  • Dynamically include configuration in condor

To integrate the hook, use the include command syntax in any HTCondor config file:

include command : condor-git-config

Usage Notes

The hook requires at least Python 3.3 to run.


Installation provides the condor-git-config executable. All other dependencies are installed automatically.

Stable release version

pip3 install condor_git_config

Current development version

git clone
./condor-git-config/ install

Argument Files

The condor-git-config executable can use the @ [prefix character]( to read arguments from files. This allows you to prepare options externally

echo "hostname -d" >> /etc/mycloud/domain

and have them used dynamically to adjust configuration

include command : condor-git-config --branch @/etc/mycloud/domain

Configuration Recursion

By default, condor-git-config will not recurse into sub-directories. This allows you to have additional configuration, which is conditionally integrated. For example, consider the following git repository tree:

|- commong.cfg
|- security.cfg
|- aaaron-cloud.cfg
|- aaaron-cloud/
|  |- overwrites.cfg
|  |- proxy.cfg
|- beebee-cloud.cfg

The aaaron-cloud folder will be ignored by default. You can conditionally include the *-cloud.cfg files like this:

--blacklist '-cloud\.cfg' --whitelist @/etc/mycloud/flavour

This allows you to further include the files in aaaron-cloud by using include in aaaron-cloud.cfg:

# aaaron-cloud.cfg
include : $(GIT_CONFIG_CACHE_PATH)/overwrites.cfg
include : $(GIT_CONFIG_CACHE_PATH)/proxy.cfg
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