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configs 3.0.3

Configuration for humans

Package Documentation

Parsing INI configs must be easy, as are the INI files.

Configs provides a simple API for getting data from INI config files.

Loading data from a config is as easy as configs.load('my.conf').

Configs work with Python 2.7+ (including 3).

The repo is at

Read the full documentation at


  • Root-level params support
  • Numeric and boolean values are converted automatically
  • Sections with only key-value items are parsed as dicts
  • Sections with only flag items (keys with no value) are parsed as lists
  • Mixed content sections are parsed as tuples of a dict and a list, which can be accessed individually
  • Sections are iterable (even the mixed ones; list first, dict second)
  • Comments support


Install configs with pip:

$ pip install configs


Load a config file:

>>> import configs
>>> c = configs.load('sample.conf')
>>> c['general']
{'foo': 'baz'}


Run the tests with:

$ python
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