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corejet.recipe.testrunner 1.0.0

ZC Buildout recipe for creating CoreJet test runners


This package provides a buildout recipe based on zc.recipe.testrunner to install a test script for corejet.testrunner.


In your buildout, add a part like this:

parts =


recipe = corejet.recipe.testrunner
eggs =
defaults = ['--auto-color', '--auto-progress']

The recipe accepts the same options as zc.recipe.testrunner, so look at its documentation for details.

When buildout is run, you should have a script in bin/test and a directory parts/test.

To run the tests, use the bin/test script. If you pass the --xml option, test reports will be written to parts/test/testreports directory:

$ bin/test --xml -s my.package

If you are using Hudson, you can now configure the build to publish JUnit test reports for <buildoutdir>/parts/test/testreports/*.xml.

To output a CoreJet report, do:

$ bin/test --corejet="file,path/to/corejet/file.xml" -s my.package

The CoreJet report and output XML file will be placed in parts/test/corejet. You can combine --xml and --corejet.

The example above uses the file CoreJet repository source, which expects to find a CoreJet XML file at the path specified after the comma.


1.0.0 (2012-05-26)

  • Copied recipe from corejet.testrunner to fix the recipe requiring lxml [datakurre]
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