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correios_lib 0.1.0

Interface python com logs para uso dos serviços fornecidos pelo SIGEPWeb dos Correios.

# Correios Webservice Lib [![Build Status](]( [![Scrutinizer Code Quality](]( [![Code Coverage](]( [![License](]()

An easy to use and well tested library to use correios webservices.

## Inplemented methods

This project was developed mainly to for reversal logistics, but feel free to colaborate with any improvement you need, the implemented methods are:

#### Logística Reversa ([DOCS]( de Implementacao do Web Service Logistica Reversa _12_05_2016_Final.pdf)):

  • [x] solicitarPostagemReversa
  • [x] acompanharPedido
  • [x] acompanharPedidoPorData
  • [x] cancelarPedido
  • [x] calcularDigitoVerificador
  • [x] solicitarPostagemSimultanea
  • [x] solicitarRange

## Roadmap

Check out the next webservices to be implemented at our [wiki page]()

## Contributing

You can find more about it at the [wiki]()

## Thanks to …

This project was possible thanks to these really helpfull projects:

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