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countminsketch 0.2

A minimalistic Count-min Sketch for Python


This is a minimalistic
`Count-min Sketch <http:"" wiki="" count%e2%80%93min_sketch="">`_
for Python, featuring some cool things like:
- Being able to count anything that is hash-able by python (numbers, strings, tuples, inmutables, duck-typeds, etc.).
- Tests
- No dependencies
- No foreign languages, just 100% python.

This software was written by Rafael Carrascosa, you can contact me at
rafacarrascosa on gmail.


.. code-block:: python

from countminsketch import CountMinSketch
sketch = CountMinSketch(1000, 10) # table size=1000, hash functions=10
sketch.add("oh yeah")
sketch.add(1, value=123)
print sketch["oh yeah"] # prints 1
print sketch[tuple()] # prints 1
print sketch[1] # prints 123
print sketch["non-existent"] # prints 0


CountMinSketch is on PyPI, so you can install it with

pip install countminsketch


BSD 3-clause, see the LICENSE file.  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
countminsketch-0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-02-23 2KB