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country-bounding-boxes 0.2.0

Library of bounding boxes of countries (and associated data)

Latest Version: 0.2.3

Contains the bounding boxes and miscallaneous additional information for countries extracted from

Note that many countries have a number of “subunits”: geographically disjoint components like Alaska in the USA, administratively distinct regions such as the countries of Great Britain, or overseas islands for many European nations. As a result this module returns iterators over sets of Country objects for each country code, rather than single Country objects.

Previous versions of this library returned an (often large) singular bounding box for each country code; in many cases these spanned much of the globe and were therefore geographically less useful.


$ pip install country-bounding-boxes


>>> from country_bounding_boxes import (

Get a country by its 2- or 3-letter ISO code:

>>> [ for c in country_subunits_by_iso_code('ZW')]

>>> [ for c in country_subunits_by_iso_code('ZWE')]

>>> [ for c in country_subunits_by_iso_code('TM')]

>>> [ for c in country_subunits_by_iso_code('GB')]
['Wales', 'England', 'N. Ireland', 'Scotland']

Inspect bounding box as (lon1, lat1, lon2, lat2) tuples:

>>> [c.bbox for c in country_subunits_by_iso_code('TM')]
[(52.5024597512, 35.2706639674, 66.5461503437, 42.7515510117)]

>>> [c.bbox for c in country_subunits_by_iso_code('GB')]
[(-5.2623046875, 51.3904296875, -2.6623046875, 53.4192871094),
 (-5.65625, 50.0213867188, 1.74658203125, 55.8079589844),
 (-8.14482421875, 54.0512695312, -5.47041015625, 55.241796875),
 (-7.54296875, 54.689453125, -0.774267578125, 60.8318847656)]

Get a set of countries by their intersection with a point:

>>> [ for c in

>>> [ for c in
['Germany', 'France', 'Netherlands']


If you want to do development on the library, follow these steps:

  • Create a virtualenv
  • bin/pip install -r requirements/tests.txt
  • bin/nosetests -s country_bounding_boxes
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