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cpucoolerchart 0.1.dev1

CPU cooler performance and price database

Latest Version: 0.1.dev2

CPU Cooler Chart

CPU Cooler Chart (CCC) is CPU cooler performance and price database.
It merges data from CPU cooler performance measurements and price information
from Coolenjoy and Danawa.

CPU Cooler Chart is comprised of two parts, the API server part (this project)
and the web client part. You can find the web part at



CPU Cooler Chart depends on lxml_. You need to install liblxml2
and libxslt to install lxml. For more information, see `Installing lxml`_.

If you are ready to install lxml, you can install CPU Cooler Chart. There are
many ways to do that but using pip is recommended:

.. code-block:: console

    $ pip install --pre cpucoolerchart

Currently ``--pre`` argument is needed but it will be unnecessary once a
non-developmental release is out.

.. _lxml:
.. _Installing lxml:


Before running the web server, you must initialize a database:

.. code-block:: console

    $ cpucoolerchart createdb

It will make a SQLite database at ``instance/development.db`` under the current
directory. Although not tested, there is no restrictions on the choice of
the database to use as long as SQLAlchemy_ supports it. See Config_ for how to
change database options.

Now the database is ready and empty. Run the following command to fill it with

.. code-block:: console

    $ cpucoolerchart update

It will fetch measurement data from Coolenjoy_. It might spit out some
warnings due to inconsistencies in the data or because you haven't provided
Danawa_ API keys. Nothing is a serious problem for now.

To see the data, first you need to run a web server:

.. code-block:: console

    $ cpucoolerchart runserver

It will run a development server at port 5000. Open your browser and go to
``http://localhost:5000/makers``. It should show some heatsink makers in JSON
format. Go to ``http://localhost:5000/all`` to download a CSV file that
contains all data. For the complete list of HTTP APIs, see `the docs`__.
Meanwhile, you can read ``_ file for what's there.

For production, there are `many options`_ to run a web server (you should not
use the development server in production). CPU Cooler Chart is built with
Flask_, which means it's WSGI-compatible. The endpoint is
``cpucoolerchart.wsgi:app``. Or you can make a custom Python file and create an
app there:

.. code-block:: python

    from import create_app
    app = create_app({
        'SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI': 'postgres://user:pass@somewhere:5432/ccc'

.. _SQLAlchemy:
.. _Config:
.. _Coolenjoy:
.. _Danawa:
.. cpucoolerchart/
__ Documentation_
.. _many options:
.. _Flask:


- `GitHub repository`_
- Documentation_
- `CPU Cooler Chart`_ (deployed site)

.. _GitHub repository:
.. _Documentation:
.. _CPU Cooler Chart:


CPU Cooler Chart is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE_ for more.

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