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crosscompute 0.7.3

Publish your own tools by writing a configuration file

Latest Version: 0.7.6


Publish your computational model.

Please see for tutorials and examples.


pip install -U crosscompute
pip install -U crosscompute-types


git clone
crosscompute run find-prime-factors
crosscompute serve find-prime-factors --host


Thanks to Salah Ahmed for testing our framework on Mac OS X and Aida Shoydokova for testing our framework on Windows.

Thanks to Olga Creutzburg for managing the team.


  • Add memory_level, processor_level to work script
  • Remove redundant calls to data_type.load
  • Render run_tool_json errors in form
  • Replace setup script with support for in work script
  • Replace show_standard_output, show_standard_error with show_raw_output


  • Accept markdown templates that lack titles
  • Add work script
  • Expand support for DataType.parse, DataType.render
  • Handle empty arguments properly
  • Rearrange result folder
  • Recognize variable name and variable help in markdown templates


  • Serve Python Jupyter Notebooks
  • Support Python 3
  • Support Unicode
  • Support Windows


  • Add tool scaffold
  • Support data types that require extra stylesheets, scripts, api_keys
  • Make result files available from server
  • Use DataTypeError to detect data_type errors
  • Use DataType classmethods without instantiation


  • Validate standard outputs and standard errors against data types
  • Support popovers via help in tool definition


  • Support data type plugins
  • Add setup script


  • Add run script
  • Add serve script
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