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crumbs 1.2.1

Generalized all-in-one parameters module.

Latest Version: 2.1.0


Generalized all-in-one parameters module.

This package provides a single interface to environment variables’, configuration files’, and command line arguments’ provided values. The dictionary-like interface makes interacting with these, most of the time disparate, resources much simpler. It also allows parameters’ values to be set in any of the three sources and selects an appropriate value when a parameter’s value is specified in multiple sources. This way the most expected value, according to the normal prcedence—command line arguments then configuration files then environment variables, is always returned.


This package is stored in PyPI and can be installed the standard way:

pip install crumbs

The latest release available is:

Using Crumbs

Usage of this package is outlined in the documentation:

pydoc crumbs

Developing Crumbs

If you would prefer to clone this package directly from git or assist with development, the URL is

Crumbs is tested continuously by Travis-CI and running the tests is quite simple:


The current status of the build is:


Known Issues

Known issues can be found in the github issue list at


If you need to troubleshoot an issue or submit information in a bug report, we recommend obtaining the following pieces of information:

  • output with debug logging turned on in your application
  • any relevant stack traces
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