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cryptobox 0.5.2

NaCL-like toolkit using FIPS ciphers.

cryptobox provides a Python module similar to NaCL but using FIPS ciphers.

The cryptobox API uses one similar to that of NaCL, and is built around
the idea of "boxes": these are secured messages. Each module provides
the same interface, but with a different underlying cryptographic system.

To seal a box (i.e. authenticate and encrypt a message), the seal function
is provided:
        seal(message, key) -> (box, success)

The box is just a string containing binary data, and success is True if
the box was successfully sealed.

To open a box (i.e. recover the message and validate its integrity),
the open function is provided:
        open(box, key) -> (message, success)

The message is a string containing the original message, and success is
True if the message is valid and was recovered with error.

Each module also provides a generate_key function that will return a
randomly generated key appropriate for sealing and opening boxes in that
module; these keys are not interoperable between modules. That is, a key
for 'secretbox' will not work with boxes sealed with 'strongbox'. The
key_is_appropriate function can be used to make sure a key is the right
type for that module.

The functions here do not throw exceptions: if any error occurs, it is
caught and the function returns False. This is to limit the possibility
of information leakage that might aid an attacker.


* secretbox provides 20-year security using secret keys.
* strongbox provides 50-year security using secret keys.

See for more.


cryptobox may be installed using pip:

    pip install cryptobox


Cryptokit is released under the ISC license.


* streql >= 3.0
* pycrypto >= 2.6
* pyelliptic >= 1.5
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