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cs.argitalpena 2.2

Latest Version: 2.3.3

Publications in Plone

This product adds a new content-type to add publications to your site. A publication is a folderish object that has a file field to save the main publication and an image, usually to save the first page.

It also has the way to add additional files (in a folderish sense of the word, you can add them to the main object), and they will be shown next to the main file.

Also, main file is shown using Google DocViewer, a simple iframe to show the contents of a file. Caution! Google Doc Viewer only works with files available on the Internet, so if your site is running in a Intranet environment it won’t work and you will have to override its main view.

This product is also compatible with collective.documentviewer so if you are using this product you can use the viewer provided by it.

It also offers a view for Folderish items, to show the Publications inside it in a tabular way


  • Create the image automatically

Change history


2.2 (2014-03-04)

  • Set ‘file’ to be the primary field [erral]
  • Implement IFileContent [erral]

2.1 (2013/05/23)

  • Plone 4.3 compatibility [erral]
  • PEP8 [erral]

2.0 (2011/12/07)

  • Plone 4 compatibility [erral]

1.0 (unreleased)

  • Previous versions for Plone < 4
  • Created recipe with ZopeSkel [Lur Ibargutxi].
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