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cs.editablefooter 2.0

A simple package providing a editable footer for Plone


We’ve always wanted to edit the footer of Plone providing our customers’ contact info.

We’ve always customized both and in our Plone 2.5.x sites, but now we can hide them easily hiding plone.footer and plone.colophon viewlets through @@manage-viewlets or setting a viewlets.xml in an extension profile, thanks to new viewlet infrastructure in Plone3.

This product adds a new viewlet called cs.editablefooter and it’s added automatically to plone.portalfooter portlet manager

It also creates a new control panel in which you can edit the content of the viewlet using a WYSIWYG editor.


From version 2.0 on, the permission to edit the contents of the viewlet has been changed from “Manage portal” to a custom “cs.editablefooter: edit footer”.

By default this permission is assigned to Site Administrators and Managers.

Go to the Add-on controlpanel and hit upgrade.


Mikel Larreategi <> CodeSyntax 2008


Thanks Martin Aspeli for writing “Professional Plone Development”

Thanks Plone Guys for writing Plone

Thanks ZC for creating Zope


2.0 (2012/11/19)

  • Add translations [erral]
  • Create a permission to edit the footer [erral]

1.0.1 (2012/09/03)

  • Close Properly all HTML tags [erral]

1.0 (2012/05/28)

  • Plone 4.1 support [erral]

Previous versions

  • Multilingual editable footer viewlet [erral & lur]
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