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cs.recipe.checkinterval 1.0

Buildout recipe that calculates the python-check-interval value for your zope instance


This products uses jarn.checkinterval product to calculate the value of the python-check-interval option in Zope’s configuration.

It’s integrated into zc.buildout process, so it’s just a 3 line add to your buildout, and each time you run it, you’ll get the correct value for your setup, so no more need to execute manually the script.


Add a part in your buildout file pointing to this recipe before the part that creates the Zope instance, as follows:

parts =

recipe = cs.recipe.checkinterval

And then, just use the value provided by the recipe in your instance part:

python-check-interval = ${checkinterval:value}

And that’s it.

More about check-interval

Please, read jarn.checkinterval’s README to get more information about it.


1.0 (2012/10/05)

  • Initial release [erral]
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size (md5) Source 2012-10-05 14KB