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ctnamecleaner 0.10

Replace village and commonly-misspelled Connecticut town names with real town names.

# CT Name Cleaner

Resolve village and coloquial Connecticut town names, as well as common misspellings of Connecticut town names to their official town names.

This is based on an R package of the same name by my colleague Andrew Ba Tran.

This installs a command line script, ctclean, as well as a library

by Jake Kara,

### Installation

pip install ctnamecleaner

### Command line util


$ ctclean NewPreston WASHINGTON $ ctclean “New Preston” WASHINGTON

When nothing is found, return None:

$ ctclean NotGonnaFindItsVille None

Set a custom value to return on error with the –error or -e flag:

$ ctclean NotGonnaFindItsVille –error “Ruh Roh” Ruh Roh

### Use with Pandas dataframes

See the demo/ folder in this repo for an example of translating an entire column with the Lookup.clean_dataframe() method. It uses pandas’ DataFrame.join() method, so it’s faster than using the Lookup.cean() method and applying it with a lambda function yourself.

### Extending with other data

Not in CT? Want to map other things, like population? Just make a spreadsheet and put it anywhere, online or locally, that Pandas .read_csv() can open.

You can specify a spreadsheet (local or remote) to use as the lookup table when you instantiate a Lookup object. You have to specify a path to the sheet as well as the name of the raw name column and the clean name column.

>>> l = lookup.Lookup(csv_url="http://path/to/your/sheet",
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