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cubicweb-vcreview 1.3.0

patch review system on top of vcsfile

Latest Version: 2.4.0


This cube provides a code review system on top of the `vcsfile cube`_. It has
been developped with the workflow we use at Logilab in mind, based on
`mercurial`_ and its `mq`_ extension.

More information in the wdoc/ subdirectory, which is integrated in the web ui
when the cube is installed (see <your instance="" url="">/doc/main).

See also

You may be interested in the `trackervcs`_ which integrates `vcsfile`_
and `vcreview`_ cubes into the `tracker cube`_, allowing to link
projects to their repository, tickets to patches and revisions, etc...

.. _`vcsfile cube`:
.. _`tracker cube`:
.. _`vcsfile`:
.. _`vcreview`:
.. _`mercurial`:
.. _`mq`:  
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