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cudnnenv 0.6.2

cudnn environment manager


cudnnenv manages various versions of cuDNN.


  • Linux, macOS
  • Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6


Install cudnnenv via pip command.

$ pip install cudnnenv

Do not forget to set your environment variables. cuDNN which cudnnenv installs locates at ~/.cudnn/active/cuda.


This program uses curl and tar commands. Please install them before you use it.


usage: cudnnenv [-h]
positional arguments:
install:Install version
install-file:Install local cuDNN file
activate:Activate installed version
uninstall:Uninstall version
version:Show active version
versions:Show avalable versions
deactivate:Deactivate cudnnenv
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit


install subcommand installs a given version of cuDNN and activate it. Use activate subcommand to only activate installed version.

usage: cudnnenv install [-h] VERSION

positional arguments:

VERSION:Version of cuDNN you want to install and activate. Select from [v2, v3, v4, v5, v5-cuda8, v51, v51-cuda8, v6, v6-cuda8, v7-cuda8, v7-cuda9, v7.0.1-cuda8, v7.0.1-cuda9, v7.0.2-cuda8, v7.0.2-cuda9, v7.0.3-cuda8, v7.0.3-cuda9, v7.0.4-cuda8, v7.0.4-cuda9, v7.0.5-cuda8, v7.0.5-cuda9, v7.0.5-cuda91]

Note that v7*-cuda8 and v7.0.4-cuda9 are not available on macOS.


install-file subcommand installs a given local cuDNN file and activate it. You can only install tar.gz file, can not use deb packages.

usage: cudnnenv install-file [-h] FILE VERSION

positional arguments:

FILE:Path to local cuDNN archive file to install
VERSION:Version name of cuDNN you want to install


activate subcommand activates an installed cuDNN. This command does not download an archive file unlike install.

usage: cudnnenv activate [-h] VERSION

positional arguments:

VERSION:Version of installed cuDNN you want to activate.


uninstall subcommand uninstalls a given version of cuDNN from your environment.

usage: cudnnenv uninstall [-h] VERSION

positional arguments:

VERSION:Version of cuDNN you want to uninstall.


version subcommand shows the current activated version. If you activate no version, it shows (none).

usage: cudnnenv version [-h]


versions subcommand shows the available versions which you can select in install subcommand, and installed versions which you installed with install and install-files subcommands.

usage: cudnnenv versions [-h]


deactivate subcommand deactivates cudnnenv by removing symbolic link.

usage: cudnnenv deactivate [-h]

Directory structure

+ .cudnn
  + versions
  | + v2
  | | + cuda
  | |   + include
  | |   + lib64
  | + v3
  | + ...
  + active --> versions/vX


cudnnenv is distributed under MIT License.

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