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cued-datalogger 0.0.36

The CUED DataLogger for acquiring and analysing data

Install the DataLogger by following the relevant instructions below.

Then run the DataLogger from a command line using:


To specify a Workspace when running the DataLogger, use:

cued_datalogger -w /path/to/workspace.wsp

For further options type:

cued_datalogger --help

For a debugging version type:


See the documentation for more information.


Installing on Windows

  1. Download and install Anaconda / Miniconda.

  2. Check that your Anaconda is using the latest version of pip. In an Anaconda Prompt, type:

    conda install pip
  3. Install cued_datalogger using pip:

    pip install cued_datalogger

Installing on OS X

  1. Install portaudio with brew *:

    brew install portaudio
  2. Install cued_datalogger using pip (from Terminal or from Anaconda Prompt or wherever):

    pip install cued_datalogger

* If you do not have brew installed, install Homebrew then permit it to run with xcode-select --install

Installing on Linux

  1. Install the portaudio development headers using your package manager.

    Debian / Ubuntu:

    sudo apt install libportaudio2 portaudio19-dev


    yum install portaudio portaudio-devel
  2. Install cued_datalogger using pip:

    pip install cued_datalogger
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