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curtis 0.1

A simple sentry cli


Curtis configuration live in an INI file named curtis.ini in the current directory or in the .curtis.ini in your home directory.

This file use the following format.

# define the default site
default_site = foo

# settings for the foo site
# sentry server URL
url =
# sentry API token (this one is a fake one generated using the apg command)
token = IvlayltajPamthelwaj1

# settings for the bar site
url =
token = TeinkutbicyeckyoQuoa


$ pip install curtis


Once you have installed curtis and created a configuration file, you can use the curtis command

$ curtis --help
Usage: curtis [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --config-file PATH
  --site TEXT
  --help              Show this message and exit.

  assigned-issues              Show assigned issues
  assigned-issues-by-assignee  Show issues by assignee
  browse-unseen-issues         Browse unseen issues
  check-trends                 Show evolution stats for seen issues
  mark-as-seen                 Mark issues as seen
  merge-issues                 Merge related issues together
  needs-triage                 Show issues than needs triage
  resolve-issues               Resolve outdated issues

Each command have is one set of arguments use curtis <command> --help to display them.

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