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customnoseplugins 1.8.1

test plan plugins for the nose testing framework

Latest Version: 3.1.2

Extra plugins for the nose testing framework to load test case from a plan file.


>>> nosetests --with-plan-loader --plan-file path_of_planfile --loop 10

plan file content:


packagename.modulename.classname.testcasename = 3

packagename.modulename.classname.testcasename = 5

FUTURE support plan file content:


packagename.modulename:classname.testcasename = 3

packagename.modulename:classname.testcasename = 5

1: allow to custom a test plan file. the plan file can define the test cases name list and the executed loop count in one loop.
All tests will be executed from top to end follow it's own loop count.

2: allow to define the test cycle number. the test will be executed cyclically until exceed the cycle number. default only
executed 1 cycle.

start from command-line:
nosetests --with-plan-loader --plan-loop-number 100 --with-file-output --verbosity 2

start programmly:

>>> from customnoseplugins.planloader import PlanLoaderPlugin

>>>['--with-plan-loader', '--plan-file-name', 'plan', '--plan-loop-number', '100'],
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