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cw_msgpack_coder 1.1.4

Simple and fast Python any object serialization with use msgpack.


Simple pure Python object encoder and decoder using msgpack (u-msgpack-python package at bottom).

It allows encode Python object with high speed and compression since we using msgpack at bottom.

It reduce code overhead to minimum and allow you focus on algorithms.

How to use it

It is very simple:

from cw_msgpack_coder.umsgpack_coder import UmsgpackCoder

class YourNestedClass:

class YourClass:
    def __init__(name, nested) = name
        self.nested = nested

# create coder
coder = UmsgpackCoder()

# register your classes (required because of security reasons)

# now create some objects to test
o = YourClass('hello world!', YourNestedClass())

# encode to bytes
encoded = coder.dumps(o)

# decode bytes to objects
o2 = coder.decode(encoded)

# o == o2!
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cw_msgpack_coder-1.1.4.tar.gz (md5) Source 2018-01-10 2KB