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cython-csg 0.5.8

Constructive solid geometry on meshes using BSP trees in Cython CSG.


Cython port of Evan Wallace’s Javascript and Tim Knip raw Python version

What is Cython-CSG

CSG stands for Constructive Solid Geometry. It allow Boolean operations to be made on a 3D object like subtraction.



A simple subtraction is as followed

from _cython_csg import CSG

a = CSG.cube()
b = CSG.cube([0.5, 0.5, 0.0])
c = a - b


A Simple Union would is as followed

from _cython_csg import CSG
a = CSG.sphere(center=[0.5, 0.5, 0.5], radius=0.5, slices=8, stacks=4)
b = CSG.cylinder(start=[0.,0.,0.], end=[1.,0.,0.], radius=0.3, slices=16)

Custom objects

You can make custom object here is a example

from _cython_csg import BSPNode, Polygon, Vertex
v0 = Vertex([0., 0., 0.])
v1 = Vertex([1., 0., 0.])
v2 = Vertex([1., 1., 0.])
p0 = Polygon([v0, v1, v2])
polygons = [p0]
node = BSPNode(polygons)

if you then want to convert it back to a CSG object you can do



To build run

python build
python install

Other Notes

To view the output I would recommend a program like ParaView

Help required

Patches are welcome for the source code or for the documentation

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