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dark-keeper 0.2.7

Dark Keeper is open source simple web-parser for podcast-sites

Dark Keeper

Dark Keeper is open source simple web-parser for podcast-sites.

Goal idea

I like listen IT-podcasts and learn something new. For really good podcasts I want download all episodes. Goal idea is create simple tool for this.


  • [x] simple web-spider walking on site
  • [x] cache for all downloaded pages
  • [x] parse any information from pages
  • [x] export parsed data to MongoDB

Quick start

$ mkvirtualenv keeper

(keeper)$ pip install dark-keeper

(keeper)$ cat

from collections import OrderedDict

from dark_keeper import DarkKeeper

class PodcastKeeper(DarkKeeper):
    base_url = ''
    mongo_uri = 'mongodb://localhost/podcasts/'

    def parse_urls(self, content):
        urls = content.parse_urls('#blog-archives h1 a', self.base_url)

        return urls

    def parse_data(self, content):
        data = OrderedDict()
        data['title'] = content.parse_text('.hentry .entry-title')
        data['desc'] = content.parse_text('.hentry .entry-content')
        data['mp3'] = content.parse_attr('.hentry audio', 'src')

        if data['title'] and data['mp3']:
            return data

if __name__ == '__main__':
    pk = PodcastKeeper()
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