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datahaven rev7923

Distributed encrypted backup utility

Latest Version: rev8784

DataHaven.NET is a peer-to-peer online backup utility.

This is a distributed network for backup data storage. Each participant of the network provides a portion of his hard drive for other users. In exchange, he is able to store his data on other users’s machines.

The redundancy in backups makes it so if someone loses your data, you can reconstruct what was lost and give it to someone else to hold. And all of this happens without you having to do a thing.

All data is encrypted before it leaves your computer with a key your computer generates. No one else can read your data. Recover data is only one way - download the necessary pieces from computers of other users and decrypt them with your private key.

The system is designed in such a way that will keep track of each user which stores your information, and each block of your data and maintain a state in which you can always get your data back.

You can imagine it like this: you exchange two gigabytes in a safe place (on your hard drive) to one gigabyte, but in the distributed storage and so kept very reliable. If you are going to store data that you are not constantly in use, but you need that they would be most protected - this is what you need!

This is very similar to the well-known torrents… but on the contrary! :-)))

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