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davies 0.0.1

Package for manipulating cave survey data

Latest Version: 0.0.3-dev


Davies is a Python package for manipulating cave survey data.

It is currently in a very, very early phase of development, and should be considered a "proof of concept" implementation.

Current support includes:

  • Parsing of Compass Project (.MAK) and Data (.DAT) source files
  • That's it!

Example usage:

from davies import compass

# Parse a .DAT file
parser = compass.CompassDatParser('mycave.dat')
surveys = parser.parse()

print len(surveys)
>> 17

survey = surveys[0]

>> A

>> 2006-09-30

print survey.shots[0]
>> {'FROM': 'A1', 'TO': 'A2', 'LENGTH': 16.8, 'BEARING': 158.0, 'INC': -30.0, 'LEFT': 12.0, 'RIGHT': 15.0, 'UP': 15.0, 'DOWN': 20.0 }

print survey.length
>> 384.7

Or a more useful example, which shows who has surveyed the most footage in your project:

from davies import compass

cavers = {}

for datfile in sys.argv[1:]:
    for survey in compass.CompassDatParser(datfile).parse():
        for member in
            cavers[member] = cavers.get(member, 0.0) + survey.length

for name in sorted(cavers, key=cavers.get, reverse=True):
    print "%s:\t%0.1f" % (name, cavers[name])


This software requires Python 2.7

Releases are available for installation from the Python Package Index, see installation instructions or simply run the following command on Mac OS X or most Linux distributions.

pip install davies

If you've downloaded a source distribution or checked out from the git repository, install locally with:

python install


The name "Davies" is a tribute to William E. Davies, who pioneered the systematic cave survey of West Virginia and authored Caverns of West Virginia in 1949. Bill Davies later did the statewide cave survey for the state of Maryland, served the roles of President and Vice-President of the National Speleological Society, and published the definitive US-wide karst map, Engineering Aspects of Karst. Davies still serves as an inspiration today to the cave mappers of West Virginia, of the United States, and the World over.


Davies is Open Source software licensed under the MIT License, and is copyright (C) Myotisoft LLC.

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