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Debian packaging for Sentry, a modern realtime error logging and aggregation platform.

Copyright © 2017 1&1 Group
BSD 3-clause license, see LICENSE for details.

Copyright (c) 2017 Sentry ( and individual contributors.
All rights reserved.

This puts the sentry Python package and its dependencies as released on PyPI into a DEB package, using dh-virtualenv. The resulting omnibus package is thus easily installed to and removed from a machine, but is not a ‘normal’ Debian python-* package. Services are controlled by systemd units.

The final package includes the official sentry-plugins and some other commonly needed plugins.

See the GitHub README for more.

The Sentry package fundamentally is just a simple server and web UI. It will handle authenticating clients (such as Raven) and all of the logic behind storage and aggregation.

That said, Sentry is not limited to Python. The primary implementation is in Python, but it contains a full API for sending events from any language, in any application.

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