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declare-amqp 0.0.4

A way to declare your AMQP exchanges, queues, and bindings outside of the application

# Declare AMQP

A way to declare your exchanges, queues, and bindings outside of the application

## Installing

pip install declare-amqp

## Declaration

You can see the extend of configuration in the `example_config.yml` file. All
fields used are currently required except for the `arguments` on exchanges.

- name: example_exchange
type: direct
durable: True
auto_delete: False
alternate-exchange: your_alternate_exchange

- name: test_queue
auto_delete: False
durable: True
- exchange: example_exchange
binding_key: test_binding

When I have the need for them exchange-to-exchange bindings will be added.

## Running


AMQP_HOST (default: localhost)

AMQP_USER (default: guest)

AMQP_PASS (default: guest)

AMQP_VHOST(default: /)

### CLI

Once you have set the envvars you are set to run `declare-amqp`

declare-amqp --config your_config.yml  
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