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delfick_error 1.2

Customized Exception class

Latest Version: 1.7.8

This is an error class that I keep remaking in projects


The point of this exception class is to be able to create an error class that automatically combines keyword arguments given to the exception instance:

>>> from delfick_error import DelfickError
>>> DelfickError()
>>> str(DelfickError())
>>> str(DelfickError("blah"))
>>> str(DelfickError("blah", a=1, b=2))

You can also subclass DelfickError and override the description of the error:

>>> class AnError(DelfickError):
...  desc = "An error specific to something"
>>> AnError()
>>> str(AnError("things"))
'"An error specific to something. things"'
>>> str(AnError("things", a=1, b=2))
'"An error specific to something. things"\ta=1\tb=2'

You can also use it to display multiple errors:

>>> ex1 = ValueError("Bad value")
>>> ex2 = IndexError("Bad index")
>>> ex3 = Exception("blah")
>>> str(AnError("found errors", _errors=[ex1, ex2, ex3]))
'"An error specific to something. found errors"\nerrors:\n\tBad value\n\tBad index\n\tblah'
>>> print str(AnError("found errors", _errors=[ex1, ex2, ex3]))
"An error specific to something. found errors"
        Bad value
        Bad index

Here, the _errors argument is interpreted using special logic to put each item in it’s list on a new line.

DelfickError also has a mechanism to allow you to control how the error is formatted when converting the error to a string.

>>> class SomeObject(object):
...   def __init__(self, val):
...     self.val = val
...   def delfick_error_format(self, key):
...     return "{0}_formatted_{1}".format(self.val, key)
>>> obj = SomeObject(20)
>>> str(DelfickError(a=1, b=obj))


Tests work in python26, python27 and python34

Now with tests!

And DelfickErrorTestMixin for your testing pleasure

Initial release


Use pip!:

pip install delfick_error

Or if you’re developing it:

pip install -e .
pip install -e ".[tests]"


To run the tests in this project, just use the helpful script:


Or run tox:

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