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detach 1.0

Fork and detach the current processe.

Fork and detach the current process.

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The detach package contains a context manager called Detach. It is used with with with statement to fork the current process and execute code in that process. The child process exits when the context manager exits. The following parameters may be passed to Detach to change its behavior:

  • stdout - Redirect child stdout to this stream.
  • stderr - Redirect child stderr to this stream.
  • stdin - Redirect his stream to child stdin.
  • close_fds - Close all file descriptors in the child excluding stdio.
  • exclude_fds - Do not close these file descriptors if close_fds is True.
  • daemonize - Exit the parent process when the context manager exits.


### Simple Fork with STDOUT

import detach, os, sys

with detach.Detach(sys.stdout) as d:
print(“forked child with pid {}”.format(
print(“hello from child process {}”.format(os.getpid()))

### Daemonize

import detach from your_app import main

def main():
“”“Your daemon code here.”“”
with detach.Detach(daemonize=True) as d:
print(“started process {} in background”.format(pid))

### Call External Command

import detach, sys pid =[‘bash’, ‘-c’, ‘echo “my pid is $$”’], stdout=sys.stdout) print(“running external command {}”.format(pid))


Copyright (c) 2014 Ryan Bourgeois. This project and all of its contents is licensed under the BSD-derived license as found in the included [LICENSE][1] file.

[1]: “LICENSE”

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