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devpi-server 4.4.0

devpi-server: reliable private and caching server

devpi-server: pypi server for caching and private indexes

consistent robust pypi-cache

You can point pip or easy_install to the root/pypi/+simple/ index, serving as a self-updating transparent cache for pypi-hosted and external packages. Cache-invalidation uses the latest and greatest PyPI protocols. The cache index continues to serve when offline and will resume cache-updates once network is available.

user specific indexes

Each user (which can represent a person or a project, team) can have multiple indexes and upload packages and docs via standard invocations command. Users and indexes can be manipulated through a RESTful HTTP API.

index inheritance

Each index can be configured to merge in other indexes so that it serves both its uploads and all releases from other index(es). For example, an index using root/pypi as a parent is a good place to test out a release candidate before you push it to PyPI.

good defaults and easy deployment

Get started easily and create a permanent devpi-server deployment including pre-configured templates for nginx and cron.

separate tool for Packaging/Testing activities

The complementary devpi-client tool helps to manage users, indexes, logins and typical upload and installation workflows.

See for getting started and documentation.


4.4.0 (2018-01-17)


  • fix issue469: Add acl_toxresult_upload to index configuration.

Bug Fixes

  • fix issue477: importing with –no-root-pypi failed.

4.3.2 (2017-12-19)

Bug Fixes

  • fix issue480: store additional metadata for packages.
  • fix issue489: ignore download errors in replica thread for mirrored files that were removed from the filesystem on master and from the mirrored source.

4.3.1 (2017-11-23)

Bug Fixes

  • fix +api on replica when master is down.

4.3.1rc1 (2017-09-08)

Bug Fixes

  • fix issue345: remove expires -1 option in example nginx proxy config for devpi. When there are no Expires and Cache-Control headers, then pip does not cache the simple pages, the headers set by expires -1 caused pip to cache for 5 minutes.
  • fix issue402: the redirect to simple index didn’t take X-Outside-Url into account.
  • fix for url decoding issue with mirrors. When package filenames contain characters such as ! or +, these get URL encoded to %21 and %2B in the remote simple index. This fix ensures that in the filename saved to the disk cache these are decoded back to ! or +.
  • fix issue434: --status didn’t work anymore. The background server functionality is now deprecated, see –gen-config to use a process manager from your OS.
  • fix issue449: push to pypi broke again due to a changed reply.
  • fix remote file url for mirrors not named “root/pypi” which provide file hashes.
  • fix issue401: fix traceback and inaccessible index by ignoring removed bases.

4.3.0 (2017-04-23)

  • allow upload of documentation without first registering the project or uploading releases.

  • add a new command line option --replica-max-retries

    Under certain network conditions, it’s possible for a connection from devpi to replicas (such as pypi) to be dropped, resulting in a 502 bad gateway being returned from devpi. When replica-max-retries is set to a number > 0, devpi will attempt to retry connections until the retry limit is reached.

  • fix --import after --init option was added.

  • fix import when the export contains a bases cycle.

  • fix issue350: use absolute path to devpi-server when starting background process.

  • fix issue392: setting user password from command line when password hash wasn’t migrated yet failed.

  • fix #381: indicate acceptable exit status for systemd.

  • remove broken --bypass-cdn option.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
devpi-server-4.4.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2018-01-17 163KB
devpi_server-4.4.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl (md5) Python Wheel 2.7 2018-01-17 172KB